Learning is possible no matter your age. You are never too young or too old. Your mind was created to learn and has a huge capacity to do so.

Which is why we have created this space - to connect people like you - travellers, adventurers and learners with unique and hand picked learning experiences, powered by a community of local contributors.

A Local is a person - a creator, mentor and helper. Someone like you who is passionate about your hobby or a specific skill or area of interest and who is willing to pass on your knowledge and help others have unique learning experiences.

Whether you're here because you want to teach someone a passion of yours or learn something new, like I learned to code in Bali, you're here because you want to become the best version of YOU - to challenge yourself and to learn - so kudos to you for taking action!


Our Mission

To create a community where you can feel empowered and inspired - not only at home, but also abroad when you're travelling.

We want you to take part in the local community and connect with interesting, like-minded people and become inspired to live a life full of creativity and meaning.

I want you to travel deeper, experience deeper and live a life full of meaning, creativity and purpose.


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