It was on this beautiful sunny Sunday in Bali that Christian Steiner, an Italian Osteopath, took a swim on a Dreamland beach that left him with broken bones on the white sandy beach.

How you adapt to these situations is very important. Some people fall into a frozen state of dormancy, while others push over time and regain their strength to restart their race of their lives. Reborn in the condition of Quadriplegic, far from his former life, only one thought pushed him forward: 

"Never give up, where there is a will, there is always a way!"

After a difficult surgery and some rehab time he longed to return to Bali, even though the island had taken a part of his life, he felt that he had to face his destiny.

So with a handful of ideas, a few drawings and the help of his friends and life partner, Anita he started building his dream of an eco-luxe home in the middle of the rice fields in Canggu, Bali.

The Maso Christian took years to complete and only came into full realization in March 2014 and proves that you should NEVER GIVE UP, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!

Maso Christian - Un Posto Per La Vita - A Place for Life. 

“In a joke I called this project "Maso" as a reference to my Tirolean origins but ultimately I wanted to create a haven for ALL. Where anyone who longs to experience Bali, in particular families and individuals who are disabled or elderly are welcome to do so in luxury”. 

- Christian Steiner

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