Learn to make a beautiful Paper Flower Crown with Nathania from @pafioreflowers

What you will learn:


In this experience, you will learn how to make and arrange paper flowers into a beautiful crown. Nathania from @pafioreflowers is coming down from Jakarta to teach us all about paper and how to turn this material into beautiful flowers.

Learn how to work with coloured paper, how to cut, shape and glue it into beautiful paper flowers that you can use for decorations in your home, as beautiful gifts or cards or for a special occasion. 

Nathania will provide some premade paper flowers for you to use as well as a flower template and all the tools needed.

Paper flower crown.jpg



  • Rp 450.000/person


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  • 4 hours


Good to know:

Nathania will prepare some pre-made paper flowers for you to be able to use otherwise it will take ALL day to make a crown. You don't need to bring anything, just your passion to handmade things! And you'll bring home a beautiful flower crown made from paper! And don't forget to wear the right outfit as we will take lots of pics too! ;)




Nathania is living in Jakarta and started doing paper flowers as a hobby because she loves to make handmade things and gifts for people. Including paper flowers crown. She travelled around Jakarta to find best colored paper and ideas for her designs.

Follow her on Instagram: @pafioreflowers