LEARN to make your own Leather card wallet + keychain with Dash


What you'll learn:

In this workshop Dash will teach you to craft two very functional daily use items. The first item will be a Leather Card Wallet, it's designed to be compact and very functional as its able to hold bunch of cards, cash & coins which is perfect for daily use when hanging out at the beach/cafes or exploring the island.

The second item will be a Leather Keychain, which can hold house and bike/car keys. Both the wallet and keychain are daily use items and probably the 2 things you won't leave the house without everyday, as such you will get to truly use and enjoy your creations everyday.


Starting from:

1) Different types of leather - its features and pros and cons.

2) Introduction to basic leather crafting tools.

3) How to properly cut leather with a provided pattern.

4) How to do finishing for your leather product.

5) How to take care of your leather items.


These are the available options to personalize your items:

1) Two colours of leather to choose from: Natural Beige and Walnut Brown.
2) Name initials stamping.



  • 3 hours.




  • Your personalized wallet and keychain. How cool is that?

  • All materials and tools will be provided for the workshop.


Good to know:

  • No prior skills or experience is required.

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Dash Kadam is a graphic designer turned full time leather craftsman and the creator of the brand Oakmoon Crafts.

The products he design and crafts are made with locally source materials and incorporates handmade Indonesian batik fabrics.

On days when he is not in his workshops working on new designs you can find him out in the ocean catching waves on his longboard.


Social Media:

Instagram: @oakmooncrafts

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCFJG5ZgtHfdbm49wJmkAd-w