Learn to make your own Jamu and learn about the benefits of the different herbal ingredients used


What you will learn:

You will learn all the basic information about the health properties from the herbal ingredients used to make Jamu, such as: Ginger, red ginger, turmeric, white turmeric, curcuma, kaempferia galangal and lemongrass.

Experience the taste of Jamu and how to use it as an everyday drink for a healthy lifestyle. You will also learn how to extract the active properties from the ingredients in a very simple way of boiling the ingredients and mixing accordingly for individual needs.

You will be able to taste every single herb and also mix and match according your taste. E.g. you can choose to make a detox blend, an energy blend or your own personal blend. Sofyan and Onet will provide everything for this Experience.


Good to know: 

If you have any specific conditions, such as allergies, constant flu or poor immune system, let Sofyan and Onet know and they can help you give recommendations based on their own experiences. (Please note that Jamu us a herbal drink and may not be confused with medical treatment).




2 hours



Love Stories Market, Ubud.

Jl. Goutama Sel., Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571








1 jar (250 grams) of Sofyan and Onet's secret Jamu powder of choice (normal price 150K).

One big bottle (600ml) or two small bottles (300 ml each) of your own Jamu mix from Sehati Herbal Drink.

Normal prices: Small 35K/large 50K.

You can choose to just make one blend or make two different kinds.


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