Think you know your skin type...? Think again! In this Experience, you will learn all about MAKEUP and all the dirty little secrets about your skin and how to revitalize your look at any age.

Learn what beauty products to use for your specific skin type and facial features. You will also learn about the many different types of brushes, foundations and different beauty tools out there in the world of makeup.

I will give you my personal and professional guidance based on your needs and teach you how to replace expensive products with basic affordable products fit for your skin type.

We will also learn how to apply makeup specifically for the Balinese climate, (which comes in handy, right?)

Basically, this Experience includes all the essential tips & tricks - and life hacks - all individually tailored for you with your own cosmetics.

At the end of the Experience, we will apply a full makeup and take beautiful pictures during sundown in a beautiful pool villa surrounded by green rice fields. Just 15 mins outside Canggu.



Personal skin diagnosis, full inspection of your beauty products (what's in your makeup bag), makeup lesson (everyday wear, skin care and/or a full evening makeup).

You will become the most beautiful fairy of Bali! Full makeup and photo shoot included.



Bring your make up bag as we will go through it and look at what products fit your skin and which don't. We will also swap products with each other (optional) - when you return home, you will have an entirely new makeup wardrobe without having spent a penny.

If you want to change into something nice, like a dress, heels or anything nice for the #gram, please don't forget to bring it along.

This Experience contains lots of laughs and badass humor guaranteed!



3 hours.






$20 USD (250.000 IDR)



Who Is Without Sin creative space: https://goo.gl/maps/UuHJqyu6M5J2

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Jordan used to work for MAC and Lancome in the most luxurious boutiques of Paris. He's a model and professional make-up artist from Guadeloupe and currently based in Bali.




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