Learn the art of authentic Balinese cooking recipes using fresh ingredients from an organic garden set in a beautiful riverside home of Frances and Adi in Ubud, Bali


Learn Balinese home cooking recipes found only in a traditional Balinese family compound where the head of the house, Adi is a passionate cook and village 'holyperson'.

Learn how to chop and pound spices picked from the organic gardens to make Adi’s secret Balinese Spice Paste that he learned as a child from his grandfather and refined as an adult.

Create authentic Balinese dishes using variations of the paste, for example; raw paste to stuff a whole pig to be roasted, lightly sautéed paste for ceremonial pork satay lilit and caramelized paste for fresh urab salad. 

    You will also make key staples such as fried chilies, finely sliced fried shallots and garlic and grated roasted coconut and learn about pantry items such as Balinese sea salt, homemade coconut oil and shrimp paste.




    Transfer from Ubud Centre



    • 5 hours
    • 8.30 am - 1.30 pm
    • The intimate class size is limited to 12 guests
    • If you would like to join a class on any other day than what's available in the calender below, please get in touch.



    IDR 600.000  per person.

    100% cancellation fee for any changes within 48 hours as well as "no shows".




    The Cooking Class menus are a celebration of the freshest ingredients of that season and that day. 

    Each of you will have your very own cooking station.  You will cook at least 1 salad, 3 mains, 1 dessert and several spicy sambals.  The classes are fully hands-on where you will cook all dishes together to be shared as a Balinese feast.



    • Jukut Mecantok - Organic greens (depends on what’s fresh) which can include wild ferns, gonda (indigenous green vegetable), snake beans, cabbage, carrot, amaranth, baby bean sprouts with you very own homemade peanut sauce
    • Satay Babi Tusuk - Balinese Pork Satay - Marinated pork shoulder with the traditional spice paste and grilled over coconut husk
    • Ayam Kalasan - Hand-shredded grilled chicken in freshly extracted coconut cream sauce
    • Pepes Ikan – Fillets of fresh sea bass or red snapper and spicy handmade tomato sambal wrapped and grilled in Banana Leave
    • Dadar Gulung - Coconut Pandan Crepes with roasted coconut and palm sugar



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    ABOUT Frances & Adi:


    What sets Tresna Bali Cooking School apart from the dozens of cooking schools in Bali, is simply: Frances and Adi - their deep knowledge of traditional Balinese family recipes, their unique approach and warm hospitality.

    Having attended cooking schools around Asia and beyond to learn from the best.  They’ve tended their fruit trees for years, planted an organic garden and designed a tranquil environment -  completely comfortable and conducive to learning.

    Frances and Adi have turned the concept of a Balinese cooking class on its head, building it from the ground up and with their shared love of food and cooking, they are ready to share their love for cooking and Bali with you - visitors who will delve into hands-on lessons that feature your hands, not theirs.




    Real Balinese food is rather time-consuming to prepare but tantalizingly delicious as it’s such a lively, fresh and complex cuisine.  Visiting tourists may be surprised to hear that they are actually sampling dishes from other parts of Indonesia (such as Nasi Goreng or Gado Gado), but these do not originate or represent real Balinese food.  Our menus are Adi’s own recipes that he’s honed over decades of cooking for loved ones.


    What makes Tresna Bali Cooking Scool so special and unique is that, besides using only the freshest of ingredients from their own gardens and the local market in Ubud, Frances and Adi have created a serious learning experience for anyone who really wants to learn how to cook and learn about traditional Balinese culture as they will share with you many personal stories and background information about Bali.

    You can learn more about Tresna Bali Cooking School here and read their reviews.

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