Skin Care – The Natural Way With Indri Wahyuni


What matters to you most when choosing your skin care products?  To some, it’s how certified or acknowledged the brand itself is and to others it may be about how ‘clean’ the product is. It sure is fun to introduce something new to your skin care routine since it’s all about who’s using what, as seen on Instagram, then you’re totally hooked on how it’s the new hot thing – but has curiosity ever stroke to make you wonder whether what you’re using is really for you?



The beauty of this workshop in creating the scented lotions and organic clay face masks was how enjoyable every step of the creation process felt. Six girls from around the globe, here in Bali, for their own individual reasons, created a goddess-like aura before Indri even started a briefing on the materials laid-out on the table.

As cacao butter was being set to boiling point in a pan of water, the countless choices of essential oils were absolutely therapeutic. The instructions of ‘maximum 20 drops in your test-tubes’ were clearly forgotten about as few went way over. Lively conversations about everyone’s most favored types of oils and their benefits flourished. Soon, strangers became pals and moved on to deep life topics – probably the unexpected highlight of the afternoon.

Indri stepped foot into the eco-friendly skin care field by being totally experimental as she stayed away from the typical ‘how-to’ guidebooks – this surely reflected and was passed on through this pure experience. She also revealed her secret wrapping techniques for the finished products that were still warm with such dainty fragrances arising from each masterpiece. Two friends compared their lotion bars; she didn’t describe the scent as the typical ‘floral’ or ‘sweet’ type, she simply said, ‘it smells like you!’



The mindset many may have when participating in a workshop is to be in control of what your creating but this one was more about letting yourself go and at the same time, keeping yourself open to new people and discovering more of your own likings. There was a lovely coincidence of this taking place on Kartini Day; symbolizes women empowerment of Indonesia – no better way than to celebrate by creating and taking home your signature beauty product.

- by Nety Miyashita