Sourdough Masterclass - Learn How To Make Sourdough Bread The Right Way

Sourdough Masterclass - Learn How To Make Sourdough Bread The Right Way


In this masterclass, you will learn the art, the sequence, and the science behind every sourdough bread, as you will learn to make the signature Country Sourdough from @braudartisanbakery.

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Learn to bake your own sourdough bread at home with the owner and founder of Braud Artisan Bakery, Yoel, who is also the Artisan Bakery wholesaler to various cafes and restaurants around Bali, Hungry Bird, Sprout, Ruko Cafe, Front Café, Copenhagen Canggu to name a few.

Yoel will also teach you the basic concept behind Bakers Percentage, e.g. 100% flour, 60% hydration and you will also learn how you can use a Dutch oven for baking sourdough bread in a normal household oven.

During this masterclass, you’ll be able to taste different types of sourdough:

  1. Oat Porridge Sourdough (whole wheat flour and still-cut oats)
  2. Olive Rosemary Sourdough (white stoneground flour, black olives, and fresh rosemary)
  3. Country Sesame Sourdough (whole wheat flour and toasted sesame)

You will be able to take home your own Sourdough starter (yeast) as you’ll learn how to keep cultivating this so that you can always make sourdough anytime at home.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Welcome 
  2. Introduction to sourdough baking (why it’s called “sourdough”?)
  3. Learn what ingredients to use and why!
  4. Start mixing the ingredients (Hand mixing)
  5. Resting / Fermenting the dough or known as “bulk rise” (why it’s important and what conditions should be considered)
  6. Stretch and fold (one of the crucial step in sourdough bread making)
  7. Cut the dough (because you thought cutting the dough was simple? Think again!)
  8. Shape - this is the fun, but also crucial part
  9. Final Proof (this is actually the crucial part)
  10. Bake (wait for the bread to bake, start preparing those taste buds!)
  11. Taste (go to heaven).



1. A small batch of Natural Yeast / Sourdough Starter to take home (100 grams).

2. All ingredients used during the class.

3. Bread Tasting, Light Lunch, Coffee + free flow water.

4. One pack of  "Country Sourdough Easy Mix" complete baking instructions (500 grams).





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Yoel first started training as a Pastry Chef, but soon realized that he was way more into bread, when asked what fascinated him so much about bread, he said: "For me, it is truly meditative. It is a science and art in the same time, and it trains your focus. So it’s like yoga but in a different way”

He was working in Bvlgari Hotel in Bali, when his manager encouraged him to apply for a position in Dubai, he got accepted and soon he was living and working from there. 

“I truly learned how to not be afraid of numbers, of big numbers, I learned how to cater to maybe 2000 people and they all eat bread that much! It was long hours and lots of stress and exhausting, but it worth the lesson. Then I moved back to Bali.”

Upon his return in Bali, Yoel started working in a small local bakery and while he was there, he was learning about sourdough on his own from books and youtube videos. He always had this dream of having his own bakery, and so when there was an empty space available next to his house, he took the opportunity to renovate it and from there he started BRAUD Artisan Bakery, baking sourdough breads and selling to cafes around Bali. 

Sprout Cafe in Canggu was one of BRAUD’s first customers and upon his meeting with Rob the owner, Rob said; “Finally somebody is doing this kind of bread here in Bali!”

Today, BRAUD has been expanding from the first year and caters more than 80 Cafes and Restaurants all over Bali every day.

“We have learned, and we keep learning every single thing in this wonderful industry. There are ups and downs, and of course we never say that “we are the best”, because “best” is relative to us. Again, it is a matter of taste and choice”.

Yoel is so excited to be teaching his first Sourdough Masterclass right here in Bali and hope one day he can collaborate with anyone that has the same interest.

Follow Yoel and braudsartisanbakery on instagram: @braudartisanbakery