Love. Compassion. Authenticity. Learn How To Discover Your Inner Power Through Self-Love

Love. Compassion. Authenticity. Learn How To Discover Your Inner Power Through Self-Love


Stay true to your authentic self by immersing in a self-love session that will raise your emotional awareness and align your actions with your true passions.

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So often we lead a life that is inauthentic to who we truly are, sacrificing our own needs for the sake of others that is often driven by our unconscious desire to constantly please people. And often so many of us lead a “conditioned” life, meaning that our every thoughts and action are conditioned from past experiences that might hinder us from reaching our true potential because of the constant inner talk that says we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not good looking enough.

Committing to a regular self-love practice enables us to overcome that critical self-talk and ultimately help us to prioritize our needs above else and give compassion to ourselves. Because once we are connected to our true self, then we can truly manifest and reclaim our inner power.

This is what we call giving love to ourselves.  

What you will learn:

In this 3 hour intensive workshop, Sitta will teach you how to give love and compassion unconditionally from yourself first, and not expect it from others, so gradually you can grow full acceptance of your whole being, including your flaws, and lead an authentic life.

We will practice some unique self-love exercises such as journaling to give form to your hidden thoughts and desires, writing a love letter to yourself to practice self-validation that can ultimately give up comparison (looks, intelligence, career) to others, and, on the opposite end, write a hate letter as well to release all your pent-up emotions! You know you need this.

In short: always make self-love practice as a priority.  Why? Because that will be a bridge to your true power.



  • Self-Love Journal - handmade by Sitta herself.

  • A toolbox full of love for you to start practising more self-love on a daily basis.

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