Contour. Blend. Glow Up. Learn the Basics of Makeup Application

Contour. Blend. Glow Up. Learn the Basics of Makeup Application


Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled to nail that perfect eyeliner flick for your cat-eye look. Or, perhaps, you can’t seem to figure out which foundation you should be using for your skin type and Bali’s high temps. If both of your hands are up, then our Basic Makeup Application class may be just the place for you to get all of your cosmetic questions answered.

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In this masterclass, we’ll start by getting back to basics by chatting about what a well rounded skin-care routine looks like. This foundational practice prepares your canvas for the cosmetic art that follows. Using your own makeup (don’t forget to bring that along), we’ll walk through how to apply an everyday look that will have you looking fresh as a daisy each morning. Shirleen, the skilled makeup artist leading the class, will also walk through with each of you to help you decide what to keep and what to toss from your makeup bag. You’ll learn how to make your undereye concealer look natural, your foundation look like real skin and your blush look fresh and glowy.



  • a super cute makeup bag 
  • a cheat sheet of what to buy for your basic makeup needs + where to get it all
  •  an enlightening girl-chat-filled afternoon


Date: TBC!

Time: TBC!

Location: Jalan Cargo Permai, Perumahan Citraland, Komplek Crystal Hill Blok c67. Denpasar - Bali

This class is limited to 6 people.



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Shirleen is a makeup artist originally based in Jakarta and now living in Bali. She fell in love with all things make up in 2008 when she bought my first makeup book by Kevyn Aucoin and from then on she just keep on learning the craft and the industry. She specializes in Bridal & party makeup and her style is a bronze eye look paired with naturally glowing skin.

You can follow Shirleen and see what she's up to here:

 Youtube: Shirleen T Make Up Artist

Instagram: @shirleenmakeupartist