Learn Mandala Art For Self-Discovery & Healing With Reevo

Learn Mandala Art For Self-Discovery & Healing With Reevo


Mandala art is found to be a very effective method for calming your mind, for meditation, emotional expression, and self-discovery. You will find the process of drawing and filling in the mandala to be very calming and rewarding.

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Learn how to get started doing Mandala as an art form of self-expression, for meditation, self-discovery, and relaxation.

Reevo is a local artist based in Ubud, Bali and he started doing mandala art for himself as he was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, due to insufficient funds to pay for therapy, he started looking for alternative ways and found mandala - as a way to heal himself!



Learn to create mandala as an art therapy with Reevo a local artist in Bali. Reevo used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks until he started using Mandala art as therapy to teach himself ways to calm his mind and emotional state of mind.

Mandalas are everywhere. They are the structures of our cells, our world, and our universe.

The very nature of creating a mandala is therapeutic and symbolic. The shapes and colors you create in your mandala art therapy will reflect your inner self at the time of creation. Your instinct and feeling should inspire and guide you through the process of creation. Ultimately, you will be creating a portrait of yourself as you are when creating the mandala. So, whatever you are feeling at that time, whatever emotions are coming through, will be represented in your mandala art therapy.

Mandala art therapy & healing can be a great source of reflection on one’s soul.



Art paper, pen and pencil.


  • DURATION: 2,5 hours
  • DATE:  TBC!
  • LOCATION:  Rou Coffee in Umalas


About Reevo

I aim to promote imperfection because there’s no such things as perfect lines.

Reevo is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Ubud, Bali.

He started doing mandala a few years ago, when he was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, but couldn't afford to pay for therapy, so he started searching for alternative ways to calm his mind - and he found Mandala art!

After starting mandala art as a therapy form, Reevo soon discovered that it really helped him cope with his personal challenges of dealing with anxiety. 

Reevo developed a special dot mandala art, where he draws are dots, after getting more and more recognition, he was invited to display his art in Denpasar and he is also the art director of the Ubud Food Fest.

Come learn with Reevo and see how you can start using Mandala art to overcome personal challenges!

Follow Reevo and his work on Instagram: @reevosaulus.